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Final poster pink

I was excited to get the opportunity to illustrate the posters for this year’s National Portfolio Day events hosted my my alma mater the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University. These are events where high school students show up with their work and meet with admissions reps (like my awesome friend Elizabeth who set me up with this great gig!). I remember showing up to one of these warily some time in 2007 or so, and getting to work on the poster feels like coming full circle. The layout was done (very nicely) by Laura Burns. Thanks for looking!

final poster blue


I’ve done a number of posters for the Eastman School of Music’s various productions and was excited to get the call for another! This time it’s for “Orlando” but with a production concept based on Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” which involves magic and murder and intrigue and hopeless romance. Good stuff. We wanted the piece to feel like a victorian magician poster. I had a lot of fun fitting in suggestive little plot elements, and hand drawing the type. Thanks to director Alison Moritz for the job!

I seem to have fallen into a ‘Beasts of the deep’ thing, which i wouldn’t mind getting typecast into.

Tasteful design by Matt Strom. Printing by Becca Moore over at all-along. Wish I had gotten to posting this before the show. Damn.



Just finished up this poster for Ty Segall performing at The Gargoyle may 31. should be sweet….

Here is a poster i just finished for Dawes at the Gargoyle. Their music always reminds me of being out in the woods, which is what i was trying to get across here. There are two other color versions as well and there has been some talk of the Gargoyle printing all three for variety.