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WInd up Cover-Mockup_small

I gave myself an assignment to do a quick cover design for Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, which I recently read and loved.


“His name is etched in the grand fonts of the record books, but his game is still like florescent graffiti…” Rowan Ricardo Phillips. Read the rest of Rowan’s lyrical ode to the little Argentine playmaker on the Howler blog here

I visited Barcelona a few years and Gaudí”s architecture made a huge impression on me. Celebrating Messi’s time in Barcelona seemed like a great time to throw some of that in.


For a review of TVOTR’s latest release Seeds, which is excellent


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I Had a fun opportunity to do some on-the-spot drawing recently when I was hired by the Regional Arts Comission (RAC) for a kickoff event for St Louis Fashion week. I set up in a little booth and spent a couple hours doing quick drawings of the various fashionable folks in attendance. I tried to get through each drawing in about 5-8 minutes and I think I finished about 18. Most of the drawings were given away to folks who posed for them, but here are a couple that I found images of, and a couple that I did beforehand to practice.

I know next to nothing about the fashion world and have never worked anything like this which made it a challenge. I tried to just focus on looking for interesting colors and shapes. The time limit was probably a blessing because it forced me to move quickly and not worry to much about getting every line right.

Thanks to Mallory Nazeem from RAC for hiring me and to everybody for patiently standing still!
Fashion6 Fashion5 Fashion4 Fashion3 Fashion2 Fashion1

fox trap mockup small

I’ve always hoped i’d get the chance to design some beer packaging but have never gotten the opportunity. A couple of months ago I finally just decided to make some for myself and started sketching, and many weeks later I finally had a free moment to put this all together.

The concept was inspired by a stressful period a couple of years ago where a bunch of neighborhood cats started turning up dead. It left a strong impression.

Anyway, If you are a beer-making sort of person and think you might like something like this get in touch and let’s work together!


CUP 360

A few months ago I got an exciting call to contribute to a new line of packaging for Chipotle. Jonathan Safran-Foer was curating a series of short stories and essays to be printed on cups and bags, and each piece would be illustrated. I was given a story by Malcolm Gladwell about an experience with Old Order Mennonites .


After a little bit of back and forth we settled on this sketch, focusing on the barn-raising. final art_NM
A full color version I worked up before the decision came out that the cups would be brown and white.


And the final piece! Read the full story and check out the rest of the pieces here!

photo (9)

I had the chance to work on another project for The National Humane Society’s Animal Sheltering Magazine. This one was about the challenges of living with pets in the city. It was a pleasure to work with AD Rebecca Hallenbeck again.
cutaway final small Knock render_small evicted_blue


Recently got to do my first ever full spread illustration for the National Humane Society’s Animal Sheltering Magazine. The article was about a decades old conflict between no-kill and open admission shelters. It was a fun assignment that included an opening spread, a half page, and a couple of little spots. Thanks to AD Rebecca Hallenbeck!

1-2 page_small

spot C

lightning_smallThis is an image i wrapped up recently for Backpacker Magazine’s monthly “Survival” feature. Each month is an illustrated “i shouldn’t be alive” type story along with some survival tips should you ever find yourself in that situation. This one involved lightning on the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. This story hit home for me because I was actually doing a month long hike on the trail when it happened! I had camped at the exact spot where this took place and was probably about a week’s walk further up the trail at the time.



Here’s Kuan, me, Nevin and John as clouds begin to gather overhead… I posted a bunch of sketchbook drawings from that trip here

Big thanks to AD Bryan Nanista!

I’ve done a number of posters for the Eastman School of Music’s various productions and was excited to get the call for another! This time it’s for “Orlando” but with a production concept based on Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” which involves magic and murder and intrigue and hopeless romance. Good stuff. We wanted the piece to feel like a victorian magician poster. I had a lot of fun fitting in suggestive little plot elements, and hand drawing the type. Thanks to director Alison Moritz for the job!