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Takoma Park_1_small copy


I spent the first couple of weeks of this month traveling around Peru! It was somewhere that i’ve always wanted to visit and it still completely surpassed my expectations. We visited Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Valle Sagrado. I tried to make a point of sketching for a few minutes every day. Keeping a sketchbook while traveling is the best way I know of permanently comitting things to memory, as well creating my own souvenir. I brought a Strathmore Tan Toned sketchbook, various pens and Pro White, which is basically white-out, to add hi-lights.  You can view the images larger by clicking on the thumbnails. Thanks! 

Also, I’ve made a couple of these available as prints in my Society 6 shop. 


Whiskey bottle_small

Just a little experiment. Kinda along the lines of these that I was working on last summer. Drink up.

J&JI’ve decided to try to post a drawing on twitter every day in 2013. I’ll put some up here as well but if you want to see them all and hold me accountable for my ill advised resolution look me up @NoahMacMillan

I woke up with a strong desire to draw something on fire. Enter: Pinto.


Like the title of the post suggests, a funky motorcycle out of my sketchbook. Also, if you’re in St. Lou check out ArtCrank this weekend! A gallery of preview images is up Here