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I spent the first couple of weeks of this month traveling around Peru! It was somewhere that i’ve always wanted to visit and it still completely surpassed my expectations. We visited Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, and Valle Sagrado. I tried to make a point of sketching for a few minutes every day. Keeping a sketchbook while traveling is the best way I know of permanently comitting things to memory, as well creating my own souvenir. I brought a Strathmore Tan Toned sketchbook, various pens and Pro White, which is basically white-out, to add hi-lights.  You can view the images larger by clicking on the thumbnails. Thanks! 

Also, I’ve made a couple of these available as prints in my Society 6 shop. 



Some of you may have heard that there has been a little soccer tournament going on in Brazil. Between watching as many games as possible and churning out illustrations for Howler, the World Cup has firmly taken hold of my life. Here is most of what I’ve donesince the tournament started. Above is cover art for the latest episode of Howler Radio, about the agony and the ecstasy. Below, in order: Adnan Januzaj, one of many players of unclear nationality playing in the tournament. Spectacle and Counter-spectacle, about watching the games while being aware of the corruption and human rights abuses that were involved in putting on the tournament. Suarez, for a piece that Hitomi Inoue and I conceived and wrote together. And a commemoration of the USA’s shock victory of Portugal in the 2002 World Cup.


Riot Gear_small





A short animation commemorating Landon Donovan’s record breaking 135th MLS goal for Howler Magazine .

CUP 360

A few months ago I got an exciting call to contribute to a new line of packaging for Chipotle. Jonathan Safran-Foer was curating a series of short stories and essays to be printed on cups and bags, and each piece would be illustrated. I was given a story by Malcolm Gladwell about an experience with Old Order Mennonites .


After a little bit of back and forth we settled on this sketch, focusing on the barn-raising. final art_NM
A full color version I worked up before the decision came out that the cups would be brown and white.


And the final piece! Read the full story and check out the rest of the pieces here!

photo (9)

I had the chance to work on another project for The National Humane Society’s Animal Sheltering Magazine. This one was about the challenges of living with pets in the city. It was a pleasure to work with AD Rebecca Hallenbeck again.
cutaway final small Knock render_small evicted_blue

Roller Disco 2014: THE FUNKY INVASION

Roller Disco 2014: THE FUNKY INVASION


Here’s a new piece for San Francisco Magazine about the murky world of Bitcoin trading. I’ve been really fascinated by the whole bitcoin thing for a while now so it was great to have an excuse to spend time learning more about it. Also, for the record, this came out before the big Newsweek cover.

Here are a couple of the other sketch ideas that i submitted. They all revolve around poker, which we thought was a good metaphor for risky high stakes trading. It’s actually pretty rare that my favorite sketch is the one the art director and editors decide to go with but it happened this time.

Big thanks to A.D. Rod Escobar and thanks for looking!
bitcoin Sketches


BerniephotoHappy New Year! Here is a fun little thing that i got to work on for the latest issue of Howler. As you can probably tell it’s a folding paper model of Real Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Berneabau. Designing it was a fun challenge and unlike anything that i’ve done before.

Working with Howler has been an absolute pleasure. It’s a young magazine and they are extremely open to doing cool unusual stuff. This project, like many of the things I’ve made for them was my own idea. As an illustrator i’m unfortunately often at the end of the line creatively, and many people come to me with already formed ideas that they would like me to execute. This is of course fine and i’m grateful i get to do it, but it’s a real treat to be able to come up with something myself and see it all the way to fruition which Howler has been allowing me to do. The fact that the subject matter, soccer, is something I love makes it all the sweeter.

Also, on another note. I’m going to try to post here more often this year. Recently i’ve been taking on some larger scale projects which i’m not allowed to share until completion, if at all, which leaves me with little to post. I’m going to try to post some more personal work, get back to sharing sketchbook stuff and hopefully come up with some process posts and things of the like. If there is anything that you would be interested to see or read about please let me know!



I’ve been super busy with a couple of big projects and haven’t posted much for a while. Here are a couple of fun things i’ve been working on though. Above is another image for howler to commemorate the USA vs Mex clash a couple weeks back. DOS A CERO. Boom. Go America. below is my submission to the Skin Jobs Zine, which will feature 30 original pieces all based of the movie Blade Runner. I will post info on it as soon as it becomes available! Thanks for looking.

blade runner comp_small



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